'Flea and Tick Protection Info

Great Product

I am very happy with the service from EntirelyPets. My items arrived on time and the price was outstanding...I would recommend Fiproguard Plus to anyone using Frontline Plus its the same product for less price.

Works great.....

First time trying this brand (I've been using K9 Advantix but wanted to try something new as my dog continued to get alot of tick bites). Took the dog out camping for the July 4th weekend in hot/humid heavily wooded mountainous region of western MD. Not ONE single tick found during the entire weekend. Apparently this is the generic brand of Frontline Plus, and is cheaper than every other flea/tick meds out there...

We Went Back to Frontline

We live in a wooded area, but never had a problem with fleas and ticks before using this product (we had been using the Frontline equivalent.) A few weeks after using this we found first a tick and then a flea on the one dog. Although we saw no sign of infestation on the other dog, both of them became more itchy than usual. We went back to Frontline and have not had the problems since.

It Works!!

I read the reviews and took a chance. Our new pup was polluted with fleas and I was at my wits end. In just a few short days my pup was flea free. A nice bath removed all traces of flea feces, a little sprinkle of Borax in the carpeting and we have a nice clean house and pup again. Wonderful product, works just as well as the brand name if administered correctly. Don't bathe your dog before or after treatment for a few days and apply to skin not fur, you AND the dog will be a happy camper!

wise purchase

I was pleased with the product and the service I recieved. My cats are happy and one of them is allergic to fleas so it is mandatory that she remain flea free! This product is recommended by my vet and I am happy with it.

Not so much...back to Frontline!

I bought this generic thinking it would perform just like Frontline, but for a smaller cost. I was shocked when my dogs started scratching after just one month!!! But, this did work for one month at least, but it's not worth the savings at all!!! Frontline keeps them FLEA FREE for three months...it's only the tick protection that goes away after one month. I'll be going back to Frontline right away!

Good quality for lower price!

I find this works just as well as the Frontline product. I couldn't tell the difference. I tried to save even more money and buy the Walmart brand, but Fiproguard Plus works better than the Walmart brand. Hope this helps!


it seemed to work ok but not for 30 days more like 2 to 3 weeks dont think i would buy again

Front Line ingredients, generic price!

Fiproguard Plus worked wonders with my flea-bag cats. Its been just two days since the initial application and all of their fleas are dead!